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EOC National Poetry Month: Motherhood at 4AM

Motherhood At 4AM

Everyday without fail I wake up at 4AM.

For this is the time that my children usually stir. They may not fully wake up, but I will here a faint moan, or a groan, one of them may be talking in their sleep, and on occasion one, if not both of them will wake up for milk. Some of these mornings I groan at having to drag my pregnant self out of bed to tend to their needs. However, once I reach them I discover that their needs supersede anything and everything that goes on in my life; that includes my sleep.

Motherhood at 4AM…

I have two sons: age 2, and 11 months, and I am pregnant with my third child; sex unknown and I am 20 weeks. Rest assured that having three children was not a part of my life’s plan at all. Having children, period, was not apart of my life’s plan. However, now that I have them, I can’t imagine life without them.

Motherhood at 4AM…

If you are a mother, and you haven’t watched the movie Bad Moms, I suggest that you do. This movie was great, it was funny, but most of all it personified modern mothers very well. It is hard being a mother in today’s world. Hard but not impossible. It’s an experience; a journey that you embark on either with your significant other or single-handedly. Either way it’s a full time job that must get done. There is no monetary salary in which you receive for taking care of your children. However, the benefits you reap hold unspeakable meaning, that cause your heart to swell until you feel like it will burst.

Motherhood at 4AM…

You hear that heart beat at your first prenatal appointment, which sounds like a horse is galloping, and your heart begins to beat fast and slow at the same time. Your whole entire world changes in that moment. You now have a life growing inside of you. You feel he/she move for the first time and you literally get butterflies in your stomach. There is a life growing inside of you; and you already want to protect he/she from all the harms of the world. Then BOOM, a gush of water, a sharp contraction, or however, your labor may begin you want that little person that has invaded your body for 37-40 weeks to escape and come into the world. So that you may hold them close to your heart and never let them go. You want to kiss on their little noses, and hold their little hands, and admire their little toes. Taking in every aspect from the hair on their head to the arch of their feet.

Motherhood at 4AM…

They began reaching their milestones, and your chest swells with pride. You marvel at how amazing your little one is; rolling over, sitting up, crawling, first words, first steps, first teeth and so on and so forth. They are maturing into their personalities, getting ready to take on the world. You must prepare them for that. Their first day of school, best friends, first fight, boyfriends/girlfriends, homework, sports, and the other things that will encompass the growth of your child in this cruel world.

Motherhood at 4AM…

When I wake up to my children at 4AM, I remember just how blessed I am to have them and my sleep no longer matters. All that matters is that they need me and truth be told, I need them more than they need me. I strive everyday to afford my children a life filled with joy, happiness, peace, love, nurture and responsibility. I want them to grow up to be well-rounded, open-minded, driven, strong, ambitious, motivated and loving individuals.

Motherhood at 4AM…

No one said it would be easy, but hearing my name, “Mommy”, makes it all the while WORTH IT!

Motherhood at 4AM…

An ineffable experience!


Age: 27

Location: Hempstead, NY

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