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Eric Poulson

Chief Executive Officer


Eric Poulson is the Chief Executive Officer of the Economic Opportunity Commission of Nassau County, Inc. Mr. Poulson has direct oversight over the EOC agency programs, operations and fiscal responsibility including the Head Start Program.

Eric began his tenure with the Economic Opportunity Commission (EOC) of Nassau County Inc. twenty-six (26) years ago and ambitiously climbed the “ladder to success”.  His humble beginnings as an EOC Youth Worker led him to be an advocate for the communities throughout Nassau County.  His passion for lifting others was noticed by Agency leadership.  Mr. Poulson continued to advance through the ranks within the agency as an Outreach Worker; CSBG-Community Organizer; Leader of the EOC After-School Program; Community Organizer Supervisor; Youth Coordinator; and Community Action Program Supervisor (Freeport/Roosevelt CAP).  Eric Poulson then became the Director of the EOC Community Action Program Services with oversight of the EOC's five (5) Community Action Programs located in the communities of Freeport/Roosevelt, Hempstead, Rockville Centre/Lakeview, Glen Cove and Port Washington.  Eric Poulson became the EOC Agency Community Liaison strengthening his ties in the community. Mr. Poulson serves on various local and regional committees throughout Nassau County and New York State.


Not shying away from responsibility, Eric Poulson provided supervision over the EOC Youth Empowerment Career Training Initiative (YETCI) Program. He is the organizer of the EOC sponsored Annual College Tour for EOC Youth Council participants. The College tour is an introduction to higher education to Historical Black Colleges/Universities and other well-known educational institutions, designed to mentor and prepare youth for post-secondary education.

Eric Poulson works directly with the EOC Board of Directors to ensure the Agency’s sustainability in line with sound, ethical, and legal governance and financial management policies, as well as making sure that the EOC has adequate resources to advance its mission. Mr. Poulson manages the EOC agency funding and financial resources with a budget exceeding twenty million dollars ($20,000,000) to provide programs and services to the community. Mr. Poulson’s passion for the youth led him to securing financial resources and recruitment for scholarships, recipients to be selected by the EOC Martin Luther King (MLK) and John L. Kearse (JLK) Scholarship Committee(s). Eric is a strong advocate for the youth and an inspirational role-model for young black males.

Eric Poulson achieved academic excellence graduating from the University of Charleston in Charleston, West Virginia with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration. Additionally, Eric Poulson has received certifications in the following:

  1. Executive Development Institute (Vision, Values and Personal Leadership)

  2. Family Development Credential from Cornell University

  3. AIDS Ambassador for Nassau County N.Y.

  4. Federation of Protestant Welfare Agencies Inc. – Proposal Writing

  5. Certification as an Emerging Leader from the New York State Community Action Association (NYSCAA) Emerging Leader’s Institute (ELI)

  6. Certificate from the Board of Immigration Appeals (New York Immigration Coalition -40 hours of Immigration Law Training)

  7. Achieved Certification as a Nationally Certified Results-Oriented Management and Accountability (ROMA) Trainer

  8. Selected Panelist on Program Sustainability – New York State Action Angels Annual Conference

Eric Poulson is often sought out to participate in many community events.  Mr. Poulson is a leader who is humble yet strong, passionate, dedicated, educated, driven and honest.  His personality, professionalism and strong leadership skills will continue to open many doors and provide unlimited opportunities.

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