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Displaced Homemakers Program (DHP)

David E. Pierri

Program Director

Lynelle Counts

Program Assistant

134 Jackson Street, Lower Level

Hempstead, NY 11550


Fax 516-565-3768


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Who is a Displaced Homemaker?

You are a Displaced Homemaker if …

  1. You must support yourself and/ or your family members after widowhood, separation or divorce.

  2. You have a disabled spouse and your spouse was the main source of income provider.

  3. You are a single parent and at risk of losing your main source of income.

  4. You are experiencing a domestic violence situation and must gain independence.


It is difficult after many years of responsible management of home and family to find yourself struggling to survive. We can help. The needs of the Displaced Homemaker are many. Displaced Homemakers must often acquired a sense of control and adjustment to their lives, both emotionally and economically.


Specifically, the Displaced Homemaker needs to enter the job market or focus on the training that will prepare them to do so. They particularly need emotional support. The Displaced Homemakers Program is designed to address these needs with skilled professionals and the mutual support of other Displaced Homemakers.

Computer Training

Participants will learn how to effectively:

  • Navigate through Microsoft Windows 10

  • Use Basic & Advanced functions in the most recent version of Microsoft Office

  • Research on the Internet

  • Utilize Mavis Beacon Typing to increase your WPM (words per minute)

Job Search Aide

Occupational data supplied by the New York State Department of Labor are available to assist participants in their job search.

Dressing for Success

Pointers on how to make a great impression for the job interview. Image is not only how you look, but how you carry yourself and how you sound

Presenting Yourself to the World of Work

We aid in assessing then developing skills that will assist in acquiring meaningful and salaried work such as:

  • Resume Writing

  • Mock Interview Sessions,

  • Job Search techniques

  • “7 Steps to getting a Job”

  • ... and much more

Family Development

Empowering families, helping them to set their own goals, and develop a health interdependence for services.

Special Workshops

Selected workshops, devoted to special topic and issues that many people may need the answers to.
Workshop may include:

  • Health Awareness

  • Start Your Own Business

  • Public Speaking

  • Money Management

  • Nutrition

  • ...and much more

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Job Readiness Training Course Beginning June 24, 2024
Job Readiness Training Course Beginning June 24, 2024
Jun 24, 2024, 10:00 AM
Hempstead EOC of Nassau County, Inc.
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