Homemakers Program


David E. Pierri - Program Director

It is difficult after many years of responsible management of home and family to find yourself struggling to survive. We can help. The needs of the Displaced Homemaker are many. Displaced Homemakers must often acquired a sense of control and adjustment to their lives, both emotionally and economically.

Head Start Logo.png

Head Start

Rev. Anita L. Shiver Kennedy - Program Director

Our overall mission is to “Provide the opportunity for education and training, employment and the right to live in decency and dignity, thus Helping People, Changing Lives.” EOC has played a significant role in advocating for the disenfranchised and assisting them in overcoming obstacles. Our commitment has been demonstrated through program initiatives that improve the quality of life for low-income people. EOC currently supervises eight full day Head Start Programs for children between the ages of three and five years old. Located throughout Nassau County, these programs provide a variety of educational, social, and health related activities for more than 600 low-income families.

Soccer Program.jpg

JLK Soccer Program

Sergio Valencia - Program Director

The long term vision of the Hempstead Soccer Club is to use the technical, tactical skills, disciplines, and philosophies associated with the sport of soccer as a way to instill the confidence, motivation, and desire necessary to deal with life’s opportunities and challenges. We hope to enable our youth to excel in their endeavors and ultimately become responsible, accomplished, and professional citizens with a deep sense of integrity.


Maternal and Infant Community Health Collaborative (MICH )

MelRrose Corley - Program Director

Maternal and Infant Community Health Collaborative (MICHC) is a New York State Department of Health (NYSDOH) funded initiative to improve health outcomes for women of childbearing age and their families. The goals of MICHC are to improve women’s health during their childbearing years, including maternal and infant health outcomes.


Restore to Life

Ruben Jones

In alignment with the Economic Opportunity Commission of Nassau County, Inc. agency’s mission of collaboration and partnership through mentoring, the Restore to Life Program will empower individuals and families gain knowledge, skills and resources to improve the quality of their lives.