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EOC National Poetry Month: Reflection

The face I’d loved had vanished.

Its visage of pain, confusion and fright

dissolved into the mirror.

Isolated from yesterday,

I stood looking into the abyss of my tomorrows.

Stumbled over mirror fragments of trusting blue eyes,

looks of doubt, shreds of catechism.

Had I betrayed that likeness God had created?

Had He, in Whose image I was made, disappeared?

Was this abandonment his judgment of my faulty eyes?

This night path I live on needs inner light to guide,

but no light helps when I turn back to memories.

Never had faith in the love I sought in that mirror.

See clearly why that mask, accepted as mine,

held no belief God was present.

Amid these shards of glass an inner voice asserted itself.

God had not abandoned me.

Heeding His missive, I embraced senses, people, animals.

Today, these flood the abyss.

I do not stand alone here in the darkness.

Name: Ria Meade

Age: 61

Location: Port Washington, NY

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