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Head Start

The Teacher, under the direction and supervision of the Site Supervisor, will be responsible for the duties listed under Responsibilitities

  1. Working with children and parents to accomplish the Head Start goals.

  2. Supporting the children in all areas of physical, social emotional and intelligent needs and communicate effectively with children within this content.

  3. Planning and writing the classroom weekly lesson plans that concentrate on the group and individual needs of the children involved.

  4. Establish the proper physical and social setting for children in accordance with their needs and development.

  5. Incorportating the Teacher Aide / Assistant's related suggestions with preparing the weekly lessons plans

  6. Guide and supervise the Teacher Aide / Assistant in their role in the program and assist them in performing their specific duties that support the teaching activities.

  7. Working effectively with parents in interpreting the process and developmental growth of individual children and assist parent in understanding development on individually communicated and continuing bases.

  8. Communicating constructively with parents and other staff in an effort towards constant improvement and upgrading to the program.

  9. Participate in regularly scehduled staff meetings to discuss needs of children. 

  10. Relate learning experience to the Head Start Performance Standards when planning for young children.

  11. Cooperating with all staff personnel in protecting the health, safety, and welfare of the children.

  12. Any other duties deemed necessary by the CEO/Executive Director or Senior Management and all program activities as it relates to the mission of the Agency. 

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Early Childhood Education with State Certification. Minimum of one year experience in teaching young children in an accredited/licensed Early Childhood Program.

  • Associate Degree in Early Childhood Education with two years relevant experiences in an accredited/licensed Early Childhood Program.

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