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EOC Travels to the United Nations

On August 7, 2015, seventy-one (71) youth and adults of the Economic Opportunity Commission of Nassau County Inc. Summer Youth Employment Program was invited to The United Nation, (UN) New York headquarters to witness a summit on issues and solutions pertaining to the African diaspora. The summit was called A New Era, Embracing Sustainable Development Goals. It was sponsored by The Permanent Mission of Grenada to the United States in collaboration with The UNESCO Center for Global Education. The speakers spoke about issues of cultural differences between members of the African diaspora. However, instead of allowing culture to be a continual measure of separation they saw it as a way to reconnect people of the African diaspora to foster economic and social growth. An inspiring speech was given to us, the youth representing EOC by Dr. Trina Yearwood, Professor, Brooklyn College to empower us our heritage. Education was the focus during this conference highlighting the struggles of those in the African diaspora.

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