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More than a year after Superstorm Sandy devastated communities in New York City, Long Island, and the Mid-Hudson Region, New Yorkers are still struggling to rebuild and recover from the disaster.  While much of the visible damage has been repaired, individuals and families are still rebuilding and need volunteers to assist with designing and constructing more resilient structures.  Survivors also need assistance with complicated tax documents and other paperwork.

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MelRose Corley

Program Director

Kelli Cook

CERC Volunteer Liason

134 Jackson Street, Lower Level

Hempstead, NY 11550


Fax 516-292-4892

To learn more about volunteer projects in your community, please contact:

New York State needs: 


Tradespeople                         Social workers                             Plumbers                     Insurance Experts

Attorneys                               Accountants                                 Electricians                 Truck Drivers           

Engineers                               Interpreters                                  Students                      Retirees 

and other skilled professionals who want to help their communities recover from Sandy and prepare for future disasters.

The Civilian Emergency Response Corps is Governor Cuomo’s statewide collaborative disaster response and preparedness initiative which aims to recruit “highly-skilled” volunteers to assist in ongoing Sandy recovery efforts and to develop a network of volunteers who will be able to respond in future disasters. As part of this initiative, the Economic Opportunity Commission of Nassau County, Inc. is joining one other New York State Office for New Americans Opportunity Center and three Regional Volunteer Centers in New York City, Long Island, and the Mid-Hudson Region to recruit and engage professionals, tradesmen, social workers, certain students and apprentices, and other individuals who have specialized skills that could help a community recover from a disaster to volunteer for projects in the communities affected by Sandy.

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