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Alcohol Free Weekend!

MICHC hosted a group session in recognition of Alcohol- Free Weekend April 1-3. Ms. MelRose Corley, Program Director and Ms. Beatrice Goodman, Community Health Worker Supervisor/RN provided education on the importance of alcohol consumption before and during pregnancy. The group was asked to participate in a game of “Telephone” to bring about an awareness as to how communication can alter when one is sober much less when an Individual is under the influence of alcohol. A phrase was provided to the first person and by the time the phrase was repeated by the last individual the message was totally altered.

The 43 attendees were asked to join the MICHC program in pledging to have an alcohol free weekend. 32 people who agreed to pledge were given badges to wear as a form of solidarity.

To prove that you can have fun and be alcohol free, everyone enjoyed the game and MICHC staff demonstrated how to make Shirley Temples and Arnold Palmers drinks. Everyone was able to sample and enjoy the drinks.

© Economic Opportunity Commission of Nassau County, Inc.

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