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Black History Month 2016 at the EOC

This year, to celebrate Black History, employees of the EOC of Nassau County, Inc. decorated the corporate building with black individuals who have made a impact in their respective fields. Each department focused on a specific category such as: Politicians; Authors; Activists; Inventors; Scientists; Athletes; Educators; and Entertainers.

The displays featured pictures and biographies of the different historic characters, with a strong emphasis on the people that are not as well known. Some of these historic people included: Fred Hampton; Saul Williams; Bayard Rustin; Angela Davis; Barack Obama; Cornel West; etc.We even made sure to highlight some of the people in the EOC who have made a big impact such as CEO: Iris A. Johnson, John L. Kearse, and Diana Coleman. These displays were created to educate the staff and incoming clients on the rich culture that America has.


On February 26, 2016 the EOC of Nassau County, Inc. hosted a Black History Program titled “Knowing Our Past, Understanding Our Present, Preparing For The Future”. It was at the Roosevelt\ Freeport location on 281 Babylon Turnpike, Roosevelt, NY. The event was designed as a museum. Exhibits of our black Nassau County politicians, artists, pastors, activist and other professions were hanging in the main hall. There was also information about the history of “Slavery on LI” and of the Economic Opportunity Commission of Nassau County, Inc. In a separate room their was Iris A. Johnson’s Barack Obama exhibit that has been previously featured in different museums The Keynote Speaker of the event was Minister Hafeez Muhammed. He encouraged the staff an guest to understand our history and to continuously fight for equality in American until we achieve it. Throughout the event there were also artistic performances by Kristin Bennett (singer) and Shaunna Seville (dancer).

© Economic Opportunity Commission of Nassau County, Inc.

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