COVID19 Community Outreach Worker
Community Action Program

The COVID19 Community Outreach Worker will be responsible for conducting outreach activities to assist in prevention, preparation and response to the COVID19 pandemic in our communities. The COVID19 Outreach worker will work with COVID19 Community Organizer Aides and other agency staff in identifying community residents most in need and impacted by COVID19. The COVID19 Outreach Worker will be responsible for educating the communities on services provided both internally and externally. The COVID19 Outreach Worker must ensure that community residents are receiving services and referrals on an ongoing basis.

  • Organize and carry out virtual programing and community outreach through social distancing as identified in community needs assessment.

  • AEducate, reinforce and engage the community in COVID19 preverntion, the importance of wearing personal protective equipment, (PPE), social distancing and hand hygiene.

  • Identify target catchment areas that have been impacted the most by the COVID19 pandemic. Work in those target areas to ensure residents receive services offered through the EOC of Nassau County as well as neighboring agencies.

  • Work with internal and external partners to promote mental health, physical health and resilience.

  • Provide distant learning resources, materials and referrals.

  • Develop relationships and partner with other community organizations that are working to mitigate the spread of COVID19 in our communities.

  • Bachelor's Degree or minimum of three (3) years' experience working in a community action agency, outreach capacity or similar position.

  • Intensive experience in the areas of community organization, program development and case management.

  • Experience working with the multi-cultural populations. Must have the resourcefulness required to resolve problems and suggest solutions particularly relating to improving and creating condition of empowerment.

  • Must demonstrate excellent writing skills, oral communication skills, case management, and ability to display good judgment.