Bus Driver
Community Action Program

The role of the driver is to operate the vehicle safely. Respond reliably and safely to any emergency situations as well  as to relate to the children he/she is transporting

The bus driver is administratively responsible to the Supervisor of the program. The Grantee office will supply technical assistance.

  • To operate the bus on the assigned route.

  • To follow the program rules for conduct while operating the bus.

  • To provide a positive, supportive environment for the children riding the bus.

  • To communicate reliably with the staff and children's parents.

  • To handle any emergency calmly and effectively.

  • To maintain accurate records about the daily transportation of the children.

  •  To maintain accurate records on the daily operation of the bus including daily mileage.

  • Must have a recent physical examination.

  • Have some experience driving a school bus.

  • Must comply with all applicable County, State and Federal requirements for school bus drivers.

  • Must have a Commercial Driver's License (CDL)

  1. Class "B" or "C"

  2.  Endorsement "P"

  3.  Restrictions may vary on the license

  4.  Must clear our insurance company review

  • Article 19A required for all bus drivers.

The Economic Opportunity Commission of Nassau County, Inc., a community action agency, through collaboration and partnership, empowers income-eligible families to gain the knowledge, skills and resources to improve the quality of their lives.

In pursuit of this mission, the EOC will:

•  Advocate on clients behalf to provide more opportunities and fewer barriers.

•  Provide educational and economic resources to increase client self-sufficiency.

•  Help reduce the causes and effects of poverty.

•  Foster citizen participation to initiate programs and improve existing services based      

    upon local community needs

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